Beijing purple winter forge Speech Technology Company Limited ( ZTspeech purple winter voice ), is a commitment to intelligent speech technology research and application development of innovative science and technology enterprises, the company to Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences as the business background, precipitation twenty years national speech technology research achievements, the convergence of domestic and international excellent professional elite, committed to become international a gleam of intelligent speech technology products and services provider.Violet winter voice based with independent intellectual property rights of intelligent speech technology, in speech recognition, speech synthesis, intelligent translation and other fields are the most advanced level in the world, and well-known domestic and foreign research institutions long-term cooperation, to continue the strength of scientific research into the sustainable development of enterprise.Synchronization of the rapid development of Internet technology, the purple winter voice was released on 201 2 " Purple winter voice cloud platform to platform ", mode of services, assistance of industry and enterprise users to voice technology for competitive new products and services, over the same period from exclusive class voice cloud platform construction to a plurality of embedded application of voice technology solutions.Violet winter voice to perfect product line and innovative business philosophy perseverance forward, and strive to provide intelligent speech areas dedicated to the latest research results, and science and technology into productive forces, to repay society and the vast number of partners.

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